“Six months later I was pregnant again. This time a condom had broke. I had gone to the OB clinic in my small town. The morning after pill was still very new. It cost 75$ that I did not have. The nurse gave me birth control pills and instructed me to take many more than was normal thinking it would work like the morning after pill. I also researched abortifacient herbs and tried that. I was still pregnant.”

“I am bitter as I see the pictures of their kids—these old partners of mine. They were never called sluts online or in person. They never suffered any consequences. I would just appreciate an apology, an acknowledgement—freely given of what that wrought, their role in it, how they behaved, and what they should have been—which was much much better men than they were.”

“Every one of these experiences, these disorienting and oddly empowering womb-moments, has emboldened me to speak plainly and shamelessly, to speak openly about what happens - in our hearts & in our communities - when we are shamed and herded into a dark corner regarding our reproductive decisions. about how much overall damage is done when they snatch away the sovereignty we deserve to have over our own bodies.”