" I felt only intense relief both times."

This is a comment to an article at Daily Kos titled "Why Pro-Choice Activists Need to Stop Calling Abortion a Tragedy."

I have had two abortions.

The first was pre-Roe when I was 16 and there was no legal access to abortion in the US. I had to travel to Puerto Rico where it wasn’t legal but where it was easier to obtain a safe illegal abortion. Long difficult process.

The second was when I was 23, after Roe. Much shorter process.


My decisions in both cases were based on my personal circumstances at the time and were easy to make. I felt only intense relief both times. I can imagine, though, how the decision for some women is more difficult and they may experience it as a tragedy.

"I was so against abortion before this, but when it happens to you everything changes."

"I have felt confident in both of my abortions that I made the right decision."