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Please share the story of your abortions. And because we are so much more than our reproductive experiences, please include more about yourself — things you like to do, dreams for your future, or anything you’d like to share to put your abortions into the bigger context of your life.

Brighten someone’s day with an uplifting message. Help us drown out the cruel voices of shame-makers with words of love and compassion.

We will post your story and/or message on the website within 24 hours.

We also will share your story or kind message on our social media accounts @AboboBravado on Twitter and Instagram in the near future. But if you’d prefer we don’t, just tell us and we will respect your wishes.

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You do not have to tell us your name if you prefer to be anonymous. You do not have to tell us your last name. The name you fill in will appear with your comment on our website.