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2+ Abortions Worldwide


We champion the global human right to abortion & reproductive justice. Our mission is to create a compassionate world for everyone who ends a pregnancy, leaving no one out. We are volunteers working to expand the circle of compassion to embrace people enduring extreme stigma, emphasizing those of us who have had more than one abortion. We create community as we share our stories, support each other with messages of kindness, and challenge the emotional violence of abortion stigma.


Our 2+ Stories

We are building a multi-media collection of true stories. Some come from people who have written to us. Others we find in the public sphere in articles, books, magazines, social media and websites. All together they convey the complexity of our reproductive lives, and the need for access to shame-free abortion around the world.

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Love & Support

We are creating a global archive of kindness. We ask people from around the world to send in supportive messages for people who have had more than one abortion.

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Researchers and health officials across the globe are hard at work to end the stigma of abortion and improve access to reproductive care. We share their findings.

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Our Mission

We honor people everywhere who have had an abortion, giving special attention to people who have needed more than one. We are volunteers striving to create a global wealth of empathy and understanding as we break our silence, lift each other up, and help each other find ways to stop the stigma.


About 45 % of all abortion patients — nearly 420,000 people each year in the US — self-report having one or more prior abortions. Countless more do not report because of the stigma. We are everywhere around the world.


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