"Having the abortions made me a stronger person."

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It was the summer before I started my sophomore year in high school. My boyfriend and I started dating in December and he was my best friend two years prior. I found out I was pregnant in May, had an abortion in June, then found out I was pregnant again in July having another abortion in August. My mom was disappointed, my dad never found out, and my brother started hating my boyfriend.

My experience getting the abortions was wonderful, as terrible as that is to say. I got the conscious sedation, took a little nap while it was happening. Before I was completely affected by the sedation, my nurse grabbed my hand and smiled at me and that made everything great because I wanted my mom there so bad. The second time, no one held my hand but they were just as nice to me; it was very reassuring.

My boyfriend and I are still together after 3 years and talking about having our first baby next year. Having the abortions made me a stronger person. ~Kristen G.


"I could not be shamed into having a baby when I was still a child myself."

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