"I was so relieved when the abortion was over and I wasn't pregnant any more!"

This story is published at Women On Web.

I had 2 abortions. I felt resolved, relieved, confident, and sure.

I was so relieved when the abortion was over and I wasn't pregnant any more! So thankful for being able to make my own choice. I never doubted my choice at all and I have never regretted it. I don't feel any guilt at all.

I had two abortions with medicine at a hospital. My boyfriend came with me both times. The first time was painful and I needed pills for the pain from the nurses. The second time was painless and easy and I went to work the same day.

My situation involved my education, my age, and my personal reasons for not wanting a child.

I did not at all want to have a child at that time of my life. I want kids in the future when I am maybe 30 years old. My boyfriend did not want children either. I would never have a child I didn't want.

Abortion is legal in Sweden. If I lived in a country were it was illegal I would go to another country and still get the abortion.

I told my boyfriend and many of my friends. Everyone was supportive and thought it was the right decision to have an abortion. I have many friends who have themselves had abortions so I was not shocking to them at all.


"I was as confident in my choices then as I am now."

"The problem is that I have a disease which will not allow me to take anything with hormones — no birth control pills or anything."