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“After I had my first child I found out I was pregnant when she was six months old. I decided that I could not take on another child when I had an infant. So I decided to have an abortion. The experience in itself was life changing. Then in 2013, the same situation. I just had a baby girl and a couple of months later I found out I was pregnant. The third abortion, we hit some financial strains. It appeared to be twins and I knew I couldn’t have two, there was just no way.”

“I’ve been pregnant six times in my life. I have three children. I had one miscarriage and I’ve had two abortions. Four of my pregnancies have been unintended and I was using birth control with all of them. I joke with people that I’m very fertile and I tell men now when I’m in a sexual relationship with them that I get pregnant very easily. Like you could walk by me and look at me the wrong way and — poof! — I’m pregnant. And that actually is not that far from the truth.” Listen to the whole podcast episode.