"I never felt like a criminal or that the medical personnel judged me."

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I had 2 abortions. I found out that I was pregnant after a short story with a man that there was no way to build a relationship with.

I was unemployed at that time. It was impossible to keep the baby. I panicked, I felt trapped and I did not know what to do.

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I never thought of keeping that baby. I had an abortion in the 6th week. I had no complications and when I woke up from the surgery I felt that my life was given back to me.I never regret it and I never doubted that choice.

I had another abortion one year later. The second abortion made me think seriously of my choices and of the respect to my body. Again it was not possible to keep the baby but I felt irresponsible that I did that again. Irresponsible toward my body.

The psychological effect was more related to the fact that I felt irresponsible than to the abortion as it is.

Today I am 4 month pregnant and happy to have this baby because the conditions are good, my partner loves me and I can support my child.

I had no medical implication from the abortions and I did not need any mental support.

I felt guilty only for the second abortion, mainly because it was the second time and I felt very stupid to do it again and because I was deeply in love with the father. I was hoping he would like me and he would accept the baby but he terrorized me and just left me.

I feel thankful that I live in a country where I had the choice to decide about my pregnancy. I feel very sad for the women that do not have the same choice or do not have the money to visit a proper medical center.

I was in a modern private hospital with surgery. I had all the medical checks before and after and the nurses treated me with respect. I never felt like a criminal or that the medical personnel judged me. They were strictly professional and respectful.

Of course I went into a private hospital and I paid for the whole procedure. I do not know how is the experience in the public hospitals of Greece and honestly I am happy that I was able to pay and get the best care.

I feel very sorry for the girls that do not have the money to pay for a good service. I have heard horrible stories about abortions that take places in dirty medical practice offices and girls are treated with no respect at all.This could be a horrible experience for every woman.

Only my sister knew about it and she supported me and was with me all the way. My present husband also knows about the abortions I had in the past and he thinks that my choices were the best given the conditions that I got pregnant.

~ Franceska

"I sometimes regret never having had children, but I never regret my abortions."

"I don’t know to this day—will never know—if they were really doctors."