Podcast ~ "The day I had my first abortion was the best day of my life because it gave me the life I've had ever since, and I've had a wonderful life."

This story is published at The Abortion Diary Podcast.

Listen as Abby tells about having two abortions and about the positive impact access to abortion care had on her life.

“It’s important to share our stories so that people understand. It’s particularly important for young women who are faced with these choices to feel it’s an OK choice to make. It’s not a selfish choice. It’s a choice you are making for the good of your future, your children’s future and society’s future. “


"As women we are confronted with this and pushed to think we must become mothers when the opportunity arises as if it is always a blessing, but in many circumstances it’s not."

"Experiencing abortion first-hand changed my beliefs and perspective on it tremendously."