"I marked both the children’s predicted birthdays and abortion dates on my calendar to remember their spirits."

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I’ve had two abortions and I want kids.

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Both were voluntary and with different men. The first time, the guy talked me into it — we had only been dating for a short time. The second time, I talked the guy into it — we had been dating a while but he was broke and about to go to jail and already had a kid with another girl that they gave up for adoption.

I rarely regret my choices. I marked both the children’s predicted birthdays and abortion dates on my calendar to remember their spirits. And I want children SO BADLY. But I know I’m nowhere near ready for one.

Sometimes when I’m sad, I’ll think, “I could have a four year old” or the like. It hurts every day but not as badly as it would hurt to HAVE the baby and give it up. That’s why I didn’t choose adoption. If I thought I could handle handing my child over to a stranger, I would’ve done it. But there’s no way. I cried during both abortions and required a longer stay due to emotions. My doctor was sweet and helpful.

It’s not “murder.” I stand by that fact wholeheartedly. I love children. I want a family. I will tell my future children about my abortions — when they’re ready/old enough obviously) — and it’s not something I hide from the general public. I’m very open. Because I’m not ashamed.

But, to my two undoubtedly beautiful children, I love you. And I know you’ll find a family that is able to love you back the way you deserve. ♥️

A reader responds:

I had 2 abortions and went on to be a mother who conceived my child very intentionally. You will very likely get a family someday and you will be a better mother because of abortion, because you were able to plan your family when it was right.

I think we need to break the stigma that people who have abortions can't be parents or aren't good parents. Abortion made me a better parent and I will never regret it.

I hope a beautiful, happy family is in your future. Thanks for sharing <3

"We were made to watch a film explaining what an abortion was — just in case I had mistakenly stumbled into Jimmy’s Leg Removal Emporium."

"I was concerned about my work, because I could be fired for having premarital sex and was guaranteed to be fired if I was pregnant."