"I was very comfortable with my choice."

This story appears in the comments section of a New York Times article titled “Let’s Talk About My Abortion and Yours.”

Let us also not forget that many of those opposed to abortion magically become pro-choice when, say, their mistress becomes pregnant.

I've had three.

Interestingly, I told my abortion story in a Facebook discussion about a billboard that was posted here in Cleveland.

One FB post said I needed to "justify" my decision to have careless, unprotected sex. I pointed out:

1. I wasn't the only one who had' careless sex and

2. I had nothing to justify because I was very comfortable with my choice.

I also I wrote about the first one in my memoir, "Claiming Kin: Confronting the History of An African-American Family."

I've regretted the pregnancies, but not the abortions.

~Afi Scruggs

"In time, my life has turned out quite well."

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