"I was far from able to care for a child."

This story appears in the comments section of a New York Times article titled “Let’s Talk About My Abortion and Yours.”

My stories:

My first abortion, like many women here, after I got pregnant in grad school. I would probably have been disowned if I had had the child, and I was far from able to care for a child. No regrets, only relief.

My second: Married, with one child, pregnant finally with my second child. At the 16 week scan, we were told the baby had anencephaly and would not survive.

I was devastated, but I had no regrets about the abortion, only about it being necessary.

I now have two children whom I love and can care for because I was able to get my education, get into the work force, and have children I could support with someone I love.


"My life would have been much different."

"I knew I did not want any children ever."