"I have never regretted having the abortions."

This story is in a downloadable booklet from My Body, My Life.

I’m now 38. I’m a paediatric sister on a high-dependency unit. I had two abortions at 17 and 18 years old.

They were both with the same partner, and the relationship ended after the second abortion.

I now have a three-year-old daughter who I had wanted for several years – my husband and I had three attempts at IVF and we are very lucky.

I have never regretted having the abortions. I still feel guilty but I know that I made the right decision 21 years ago.

I do think about how old they would be from time to time, and they are in my thoughts at times. 


"I knew I was too young."

"In no way do I feel guilty, though the grief remains with me."