"All the nurses were really lovely."

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I am 23 years old, I graduated last year. I’ve actually had to have an abortion twice.

So the first time that it happened it was because I wasn’t taking my pill properly and I ended up having, like, two periods a month, and I got really confused and suddenly I was still bleeding but I was pregnant and then I wasn’t. It was all very confusing.

So after the first time I got the coil put in, and then a year later, almost to the day practically, I got pregnant again, probably because the coil was sitting too low in the cervix, which reduced its effectiveness.

I would say, considering that it’s such an emotional, horrible, stressful thing to have to go through, the clinic have been really fantastic about the whole thing. All the nurses were really lovely, even the people who weren’t that chatty were all kind of quite nice and sympathetic and that sort of thing.

From the nurses you get a sense of ‘don’t panic, you have no idea how many women I’ve seen about this alone this week’, sort of thing. You get the feeling that you’re not alone, it’s not just you who’s going through this, there will be hundreds of other women who are going through the same things that you are.

Yeah, that’s my biggest thing about it is the awareness, the fact that people are still not quite sure about something that’s been going on for so many years, you know.


"In no way do I feel guilty, though the grief remains with me."

"It was terribly black market."