"I knew I was too young."

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When I found out I was pregnant the first time, I felt like a bit of a slapper. I mean it’s not difficult - contraception is free. It’s not difficult to come by; there are loads of places where you can get contraception.

I used to judge other girls who would get pregnant and have babies at 18, and then there I was, in the same boat.

I had been on the pill since I was really young because of problems with my periods, but for about six months before I got pregnant the first time I went through a bit of a naughty rebellious phase, and I just stopped taking it. That was why I got pregnant.

The guy I was involved with at the time was really nasty about the whole situation — he just turned up at my door with £500 and said ‘Just go private. Get it sorted.’ So I decided to terminate.

It wasn’t just because of him, it was definitely my own decision; I knew I was too young.

After this I got a new boyfriend who I was with for the best part of 5 years. We decided to have a child, so I got pregnant and kept the baby. I was on lots of different types of the pill for most of this time; I had to keep changing because they kept disagreeing with me.

After that relationship ended I stopped taking anything because I wasn’t thinking about being sexually active with anyone. I had a reconciliation with my ex and that was how I got pregnant again.

Deciding to have an abortion was easier the second time, so I booked in for one at the clinic. However about five days before I went to the clinic I started bleeding so by the time I got there they actually said I’d miscarried.

Looking back I can see that the abortions were an easy choice to make, it was just a difficult time. I feel that I have learnt my lesson and am so much more careful about using contraception now. In the end, despite feeling angry with myself for getting pregnant, I knew that the choice to have an abortion was mine to make. I feel like the choice was the right one for myself and for my child.


"I didn’t relish the thought of being tied to him for life."

"I have never regretted having the abortions."