"I knew I did not want any children ever."

This story appears in the comments section of a New York Times article titled “Let’s Talk About My Abortion and Yours.”

I had two abortions, both when I was age 21, back in 1978.

The first pregnancy occurred despite use of a diaphragm, in the context of a relationship with a man I knew was leaving the country. I knew I did not want any children ever, and felt so grateful to have access to safe and legal early abortion.

The man came with me, and helped me through the recovery process.

The second pregnancy occurred as a result of rape by a stranger, a month after the previous abortion. I was traumatized by the rape and felt terrible about having another abortion so soon after the first one, but there was no doubt in my mind that it was the right thing to do.

Support for you from LJS.

Support for you from LJS.

I have never regretted either procedure and am outraged that the right to safe and legal abortion is threatened all these years later.


"I was far from able to care for a child."

"I have not once felt an ounce of regret."