"Contraception was not readily available at the time."

This story appears in the comments section of a New York Times article titled “Let’s Talk About My Abortion and Yours.”

I had an abortion when I was about 29 and later married the man who was the father, and subsequently had three children. I have no regrets. It was early in the relationship and we were not ready to make a commitment.

Late in my life, I learned that my mother had five abortions, when it was illegal, and later three children.

She was fortunate enough that her first boyfriend was a physician and was able to perform abortions, which he continued to do for her.

Contraception was not readily available at the time. She did not indicate that she had any regrets about her abortions.

~Lisa B.

"Don't be naive."

"I neglected to put in my diaphragm."